Thursday, December 15, 2005


The smell of pizza
floating across the kitchen
while my PBR calls
and a foursome is recommended.

Walk out the door

A fucking knitting queen she cried!
Such a scarf,
I could never make.
And then the pizza came.
Never satisfied.

I will survive

Gloria Gaynor and my unbidden libido,
Rising and receding
Like a river on the verge of flooding,
I terrify those around me
But they measure me, oh they measure me.


Don't you feel it rising?
Speaking of...
I think I bought khakis that someone filed the crotch on....
I almost feel guilty,
But really,
It was only a matter of time.


There is an easy way out and a hard way out. But I wasn't paying attention.

Aloha mios dios

Billboard hits 1979,
Wind through my beer,
I look across the table,
My heart, my cup, my goodness.

There are old days
Mystique and frayed jeans
Boots I wish I still had
Codpiece a dangle.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Blog game

gin fish flog bollocks whip scumbag stilletto cheese latent-ambiguity olive codpiece fish stick penis lollipop sucker flat frenchie strawberries nose capitalists pig freshmen honkey junkyard dog lick sssss phhhhhmmphh staple-wound splat burger tabletop bourbon spin plastics frazzled box hairy lemming pistachio cable cable? cable!

Valkeries unite

Old one eyed Odin,
Casts his runes on the old one way road.
Today we might die!


The flower is the power
The tower is tipping over
My prince has a penchant
For milk duds and porno.

There is something in the stars tonight
Something that says "lucky"
But only one of us will remember
Sweet prince.

No mom.

Coffee didn't stunt my growth.

And you don't have power over me anymore.

I'm an air conditioned gypsy

As luck would have it, the dogs hadn't had a chance to chew up the evidence.

Cancel my subscription

I am rich with blood.


I cup your face in my hands
And humbly beg your forgiveness,
But you sons a bitches
Are out of the will.

My Children

Never call...but I am okay with this.

I am not afraid anymore.

Today is about me.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Get yer tail outta my weed bitch

I think I might be getting bronchitas...
Why do I get a cough if I don't smoke anymore?....Repeat x 30...

What do you want to eat for dinner?....
I'm hungry, what do you want to get for dinner? ....Repeat x 30....
Tonight is the first night of this auspicious blog. I feel good about this. This is gonna be something different. I can make it right this time. Lucky B, this is for thee.

The final hurdle

The pasture I'm being led to,
Gets me thinking
You know before I met you,
I weren't thinking.

Me. Just me.

I am ready,
I am ready.

Image 4

Whether we tell the man,
To go fuck hiimself,
We'll still have December.

O life. I take little sips,
And whisper,
Hush now.

If the bars all close
And I get lost
On my way home
Will you send out the dogs
To find me?

Image 2

I reach up
and the stars seem to say,
and my arm comes down
and my arm comes down.

Image 1.

Melt in my arms,
This merger is complete.
Back to my ABC's.

exposed in the light, shine on you crazy diamond

Hello cruel world.