Thursday, December 15, 2005


The smell of pizza
floating across the kitchen
while my PBR calls
and a foursome is recommended.

Walk out the door

A fucking knitting queen she cried!
Such a scarf,
I could never make.
And then the pizza came.
Never satisfied.

I will survive

Gloria Gaynor and my unbidden libido,
Rising and receding
Like a river on the verge of flooding,
I terrify those around me
But they measure me, oh they measure me.


Don't you feel it rising?
Speaking of...
I think I bought khakis that someone filed the crotch on....
I almost feel guilty,
But really,
It was only a matter of time.


There is an easy way out and a hard way out. But I wasn't paying attention.

Aloha mios dios

Billboard hits 1979,
Wind through my beer,
I look across the table,
My heart, my cup, my goodness.

There are old days
Mystique and frayed jeans
Boots I wish I still had
Codpiece a dangle.