Wednesday, August 30, 2006

La Mission

Staple gun in hand
Powerthunk possibilities and western eyes

Yesterday a blind person's cane came slithering out of a taqueria
White red white have no fright
Red white red you're dead

Slow down heart, all is well.

Week of Hat

What is a boy to do? Here I am trying to hate and the world just isn't accomodating. What will happen if I run into a string of bliss and have no hateful reserves? Why just today I was walking with The Yogini and L.B. when all of a sudden Yogini smiles at a complete stranger and says hello. I was distraught. This type of behavior is a gateway to conversation and then next thing you know the whole social fabric starts ravelling. Luckily the waft of sewer at every third corner returns things to equilibrium. But it is hard to hate sewers. I am an Angel fan after all.

So I got a new hat, and I'm very excited. It is an old school SF giants cap (black with orange letters and a little orange button on the top.) Much love to L.B.