Monday, September 17, 2007

Casting Call For Movie Quotes

Hey dudes. So L.B. and I were yapping the other day about more frivolous-but-entertaining-to-us bullshit and the topic of movie quoting came up. The conversation probably started from one of us quoting from a movie to punctuate a point in the earlier frivolous but entertaining verbal pong match. Which got me thinking, what movie lines do my friends quote all the time? And what are the usual contexts for said quotes?

I will offer a few examples of lines that seem to get frequent air play in the radio station of my mouth. Please respond in kind if you think of any!

"That is certainly YOU Harold." Harold's Mom from Harold and Maude. I really don't know why this one gets used a lot. Perhaps it is the opportunity to speak in a haughty rich falsetto.

"Your mother sucks cocks in hell." Little possessed (by Pazuzu) girl (Regan) to priest (father Karras) from The Exorcist. This one is great for getting out of conversations. Plus you get to use that demon voice.

"They're miserable because their mothers take it up their fucking ass. " Joey LaMotta from Raging Bull. I'm starting to sense a theme here. This one is classic for making light of someone's bad mood and for slaughtering a New York accent.

"Cinderella story. Outta nowhere. A former greenskeeper, now, about to become the Masters champion." Carl Spackler (Bill Murray) while destroying flowers with a 2 iron, from Caddy Shack. This one has so many uses. Anytime something goes right that shouldn't, it just pops out! (*No double entendre meant here....but come to think of it, I've THOUGHT this quote at certain romantic moments stories!)

There are so many more! Please share.


adjunct whore said...

you can't un-suck a cock. think of all the ways this can be deployed as a metaphor.

it's been going around my circle of late (the phrase, not the practice)--

Crawlspace said...

9 quotes out of 10 for me come from Taxi Driver. If I ever say to you, "Name that movie!" Your best bet is to say, "Taxi Driver..."

The other 1 in 10 is usually Big Trouble in Little China.

My favorite Taxi Driver quote: "I'm hip."

kermitthefrog said...

lately it's been "EPA! EPA!" said in a crackly old Grampa Simpson voice from the Simpsons movie.

any context, really.

sky said...

I'm angry. And I don't know what to do with my anguh. (Big Chill)

You can't handle the truth (I think the Yogini is quoting A Few Good Men, but she may just be trying to tell me something)

Back in dee bowl. (I forget the name of the movie, but I say it often)

adjunct whore said...

i can get you a toe (The Big Lebowski); on the heels of the other big chill reference, i'll add this:

"we had sex the night before he died, it was fantastic" (context important here)

i used to know every line from the breakfast finally is lost.

luckybuzz said...

AAAARGH! Blogger ate my comment! Dammit!

Okay, here are some I say a lot (too much, probably)...again...damn you blogger!

"I even find the *question* distasteful." (Harold & source for most quotable moments. Oh, and "Nevertheless, I think you're upsetting people.")

"I think what we have on our hands is a dead shark." (Annie Hall)

"Do you have any tobacco?" "No, I don't smoke." (Dead Man)

"You--you trow ball at me? I trow ball at you!" (Down By Law, but you have to say it with the Roberto Benigni accent)

Um, I'll have more soon, I'm sure...

luckybuzz said...

Oooh, I have another:

"That's a human ear, all right." (Blue Velvet)

sky said...

We're gonna need a bigger boat. Jaws

I am a walrus. Breakfast Club

crse said...

I think about 40% of my marital conversation involves movie quotes. Unfortunately they tend to be the same ones.

Im with Yogini with the "You cant handle the truth!"

"Focus on the candy"- South Park Ok thats a show.

"Im cold and being chased by wolves"- Simpsons ok an another show.

"What do YOU know about CLARISSA" - The river's edge. (GIll and I used this one everytime we went to aldi's where they sell clarissa paper products)

"Our love is god. Now lets go get a slushie". - Heathers

"I love my dead gay son"- Heathers

(This is a paraphrase)- Someday a rain's gonna come and wash all the scum of the earth away- Taxi Driver (maybe)(unless i just made it up)

"charming. How's that working out for you?"
"You are not a unique and beautiful snowflake"- Fight Club

"He's the bitches bastard"-
"Give it a name"-
"I danced the foxtrot with a 2000 dollar a night hooker"- Things to do in denver when your dead (again could be paraphrase)

"Blue, your my boy"
"All in all a nice little saturday"
"earmuffs max"
"We are in the tree of trust"
"Your better than that!"- Old School

"Wildcat...wildcat"- Royal Tennenbaums

"When I get back to the city, Im going to tell Dr. Feinstein we can forget about my mom for a while, I got a whole new bag of issues"
"Im keeping the painting todd. It was a gift."
- Wedding Crashers

"DO YOU THINK IM PRETTY"- 40 yo virgin (I believe i screamed this at your wedding)

"Serious offense number18250"- Rainman.

Oh god man, im feeling kind of sad about my misquoted life! And now Im late for work.

Our love is god gb. Lets go get a slushie...

sky said...

Look at the birds up in the tree.
We're not birds. We're a jugband.

Sweet as honeysuckle on the vine, ma.

Golly, you got mashed potatoes.

(emmett otter's jugband christmas)

gretty said...

"I like to get fucked up and do fucked up things" House of 1000 Corpses

crse said...

OMG I cant believe i forgot to write the one that popped into my head with your caddyshack one!
"So I says to the lama, how about a little something for the effort?"

Lucy said...

"Show Dick some respect" (B. Club) is a favorite for Roxy and me.

adjunct whore said...

tastes like burning....(can you identify the source?)

MaggieMay said...

I *never* remember lines from movies, but I do say this one on occasion. It's from Gone With the Wind, when Scarlett is standing there, with like a clump of earth in her hand or something, and she says, "With GOD as my witness, I will never [go hungry again]" [you can insert whatever you want in that last part]

MaggieMay said...

I would also like to point out? That Father Karras from The Exorcist? Was the first official movie star I had a crush on.

I was 9.

That is all.

Gospel Bob said...

My God you people rawwwwk!

A.W. I've been saying "you can't unsuck a cock" far too much ever since reading your comment. But when I start combining it with Ralph Wiggim's? "tastes like burning", well, that is just wrong. And I loooove the Big Lebowski....I say "I'm the dude man" all the freakin' time.

Crawlspace: I hate to admit that I have never seen Taxi Driver. Jeez, I can't believe I just admitted that. This will be rectified...thanks for the reminder!

Kermit: I heart all Simpsons quotes. But I identify with Grandpa way too much. Anyone who shakes their fist at clouds is alright with me.

Skycat: What IS "back in dee bowl" from? Familiar yet slippery....And I haven't yet seen Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas, but I love every individual thing in that title (otters pelts are so soft!) Is this a must see? I am relieved to say that I finally did see Jaws this summer. And my feet did scurry with fear once.

L.B. I'm sorry blogger ate your first comment. I've been better about feeding it lately, and I've given up blogfighting, but it still has some bad habits. Please don't tell the feds, I don't want it to be put down.....I am so jealous that I didn't mention the tobacco line from Dead Man....

CRSE: There are so many great quotes there! I think we have to have some slushies and only talk in movie quote for hours. And for the record, I can testify that the "you can't handle the truth" is used in your house everyday. And I want to watch Fight Club with you. Although I'm not sure your couch could handle it, its been through a lot.

Gretty: Dude, that line is so perfect. I'm going to have to watch the movie so I can legitimately use it.

Lucy: Breakfast Club rules. Was there a better movie for growing up in the 80's?

Maggiemay: I am simply stunned that your first movie star crush was on Father Karras. It really isn't fair to be that cool, that young.

MaggieMay said...

GB, see, now, I thought it was "sick" rather than "cool." I mean, what 9 year old has crushes on middle-aged, emotionally disturbed, angst-ridden *priests*??

And btw, I am distraught that you haven't seen Taxi Driver, the only other movie I quote on a regular basis. That is one AWESOME movie, dude. You and LB should watch it right now!

luckybuzz said...

MM, I've been thinking lately that we should watch Taxi Driver too...though I think we might want to wait until we're both feeling a little less, uh, homocidal. :)

sky said...

I suggest, when homicidal or itchy, that a viewing of emmett otter's jugband christmas is a better choice. I can hear "mess o' mama's bbq" right now.

luckybuzz said...

OMFG. I can't believe I spelled homicidal wrong.

*hangs head in shame*

Skycat, Emmett Otter's is the first thing I ever watched at your apartment...ah, the memories. :)

Gospel Bob said...

Dude, you spelled it homo cidal. Your subconscious not only hates you, it hates all of us.

MaggieMay said...

You know, I didn't even notice LB. How sad is that?

And now, my word veru is srsmut. Which may be the subconscious of GB's blog?

luckybuzz said...

MM, I think Senor Smut is actually GB's next pseudonym. :)