Friday, September 07, 2007

Love Is the Drug - Roxy Music (#30)

The moon just sat there
While the world was torn apart.

So much for money back guarantees
So much for 1975.

I'll give you double or nothing
That the gun was never even loaded

But the moon didn't respond.

I don't know if it even heard me.


luckybuzz said...

Oh my god. This is incredibly disturbing. And I don't mean *just* the Roxy Music headline.

You rock. In a creepy way.

adjunct whore said...

i love roxy music, but christ, the dolls are killing me.

crse said...

Are these all from the same thrift store as jesus? I think LB totally summed up my thought better than i ever could with the you rock. in a creepy way.

gretty said...

This one makes me feel a kind of resigned anger/sadness.