Saturday, September 01, 2007

Healthy Hate?

An interesting-to-me thing came up last night in conversation with L.B. Trix and G.Love. Oddly, it had nothing to do with L.B.'s birthday, which was fabulous BTW. No, it was about Disneyland.

They love it. I hate it. Have I been there? No. Did I want to go? No.

Confronted, I was forced to re-evaluate my lifelong hatred for Disney. This isn't a hatred that had anything to do with Eisner or megacorp megasquishing. I like Starbucks for fuck's sake. No, this went back to being a kid. Maybe I just wanted to be a bad ass/different back then. Anyway, I realized with dismay that another one of my quirky dislikes was about to tumble before the face of reason. (This was only the latest in a long line of begrudgingly-admitted things I used to despise that are actually kinda, um, cool I guess. *Coughelviscostello.) Damnit.

But don't we need enemies in life (*he said desperately), especially when they are for all intents and purposes theoretical? Here I think, is a healthy outlet! Rather than hating my actual neighbor I choose to hate Disney, karyoke and musicals. Isn't it better to hate the Yankees than New Yorkers? Honestly, when will I encounter Alex Rodriguez in real life? Never! Healthly hate outlets. But I know it is no use. It just isn't a reasonable hatred.

So fine, I guess I wont call Mickey Mouse the oversized devil rat anymore. I will go to the magic kingdom and have a good time without cynacism. I will I will I will.


adjunct whore said...

no no, don't go to the darkside@!!!! fuck micky, he IS the devil rat, and so is that terrifying place. which btw i have never been to but hate with a passion also.

but i'm sticking to my healthy hatred. no fickle hating here.

Tequila Fog said...

As a kid, I hated Disney for the same reasons you did. Then I went to Disney World as an adult (sic) - and hated every minute of it. Vindication so rocks.

crse said...

I knew this was going to happen. Those damn hippies were going to turn you into one of them. Walt Disney beat his own kids. Do NOT go to the dark side buddy. Fight. It. He is devil rat from devil man.

Gospel Bob said...

Oddly, I'm feeling the love. Thank y'alls for the support!

Went to an X concert last night....deep in the heart of Disney territory. The signs kept calling me "chum". Having recently seen Jaws for the first time, I found this sort of odd.

sky said...

i'm sending you carl hiaasen's book about disney. you need help. don't fold ponyboy.

Lucy said...

Here's a birthday present for you (watch the ending, even if you skip past the judges talking).